To Our Fans, Customers, and Friends,

Boss Robot Hobby is closing  2018 after 15 years of cheerful interactions with the Berkeley community. 

We will have a Store Closing SALE on January 19, 20, 21, 

(if there is still remaining inventory)

the sale will continue Jan 26, 27, 28 9am-5pm.

 We were happy to introduce many fun and educational activities and products to parents and kids to enjoy together. 

Boss Robot Hobby was small but mighty. When we opened 15 years ago we had no idea how many people we would meet and share time with and how wonderful it would be to learn together while having fun. We focused on bringing products into the community that could have a long life that could be passed on— an idea which reflects, we believe, the Berkeley ideal of REUSE. This business has been a personal success and also an incredibly positive reflection of our community. It has  shown that people like to learn, grow, and change and impart the ideal of LASTING VALUE to their children. It was wonderful to see the things we believe in come to life and to encounter so many like minded people and watch them spend time with their kids enjoying our products.

We are closing due to unforeseen changes with our main supplier, one of the last employee-owned and operated Hobby companies in America. We are leaving but we know that in a greater sense we are only making room for the next wonderful thing to happen.

Thank you Berkeley parents and children for a most amazing 15 years.

Yours, Boss Robot Hobby