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We like to sell Tamiya products ! and especially their Educational genius series robocraft kits. They are big fun. Great directions and while they take time to assemble they are well designed so it is time well spent. These kits and parts packages are also great for free building your own ideas or prototyping. If you want to make something move or open and close these come in handy for the mechanical portion of those kinds of tasks. Fun / Educational / Quality


350 QX BNF with SAFE Technology

Planetary Gear Box Set

Getting its name from the way the gears rotate like the planets around the sun, the Planetary Gear Box is a precise, high quality gearbox with a RC-260 motor built into the gear box itself to add to its compactness. A wide range of gear ratios can be attained, and two kinds of crank arms are supplied for a wider range of functions.

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Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter V-Cam RTF

Solar Car Assembly Kit - Clear Blue Body

Originally released as Item 76001 in 1991, this solar car model's main frame is now molded in clear blue. It runs on solar energy, which it converts into electricity via its solar panel. Its speed is influenced by the strength of the sun’s rays and the angle of the solar panel.

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Nano QX BNF with SAFE Technology 

Boxing Fighter Battle Set - 2ch Remote Control

The Boxing Fighter now comes as a set of 2. The boxing fighter features a twin motor gear box enabling this little boxer to punch while moving backwards, forwards or turning to the left or right. The Boxing Fighter is also equipped with a judging plate that will allow you to decide who the winner of the fight is. The plate will lower each time you hit your opponent's mouth.

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Blade Scout RTF 3-Ch Heli 

Animaris Rhinoceros Parvus Assembly kit  

This is a miniature version of "Strandbeests". After assembling, it walks on the wind, by hand or by blowing against the propeller.

It's dimentions are: height (back of the beast): 15cm (5.9"), width: 13cm (5.1"), length: 17cm (6.7")

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Nano QX BNF with SAFE Technology 

Mechanical Racehorse - Galloping Type

The latest and fastest release in the Robocraft Series, this galloping racehorse with jockey is loads of fun to build, loads of fun to play with, and educational too! Employing left and right legs moving at the same time, the legs and wheel base have been designed for stability and faster running. Overall this galloping racehorse can run 1.3 times faster than the mechanical rabbit..

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Blade Scout RTF 3-Ch Heli 

Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit  

The Tracked Vehicle Chassis traverses over objects in its path and rough terrain. Use this kit as a stand-alone or combine it with other accessories making a more complex machine with more capabilities. The gear box can be built with two possible gear ratios-Standard: 203.7:1 or High Speed-58.2:1.

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