Cactus Kitties Blindbox Collectibles

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Introducing Cactus Kitties! Have a jam fest with DJ Paw Paw, sail the seven seas with Patches, or skip all the action to take a snooze with Snoop Kitty. With twelve remarkably unique designs, you'll want to collect the whole litter. Adopt these super cute kitties to join you on all your adventures! (This item includes one blind boxed character)

- Each figure stands at about 3.5 cm high 
- Chase Figures are Fortunato (1 in 30) and Jinx (1 in 60)

This series includes: Bruttino Jr., Lana, DJ Paw Paw, Jinx, Fortunato, Buddy, Uncle Sammy, Patches, Princess CoCo, Bandito, Albert, and Snoop Kitty. Please Note: These are "blind boxed" items - meaning, you don't get to choose what assortment of figures you'll receive. Think of this as a surprise adoption - even though we can't confirm which kitties you'll get, we can confirm you'll love them all!




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